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house_stocking's Journal

House and Stockings... how festive.
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Originality cannot be claimed, much is owed for this concept to both yuletide and ww_stockings. It's just a way of making those holidays a little happier ♥

Masterlist (continually updated)

So here's how it works:

You join the community and then post your "stocking" here. Your stocking is like a wishlist of the kind of fic you would like to receive. Tell us about your favorite pairings, the episodes you'd love to read a 'missing scene' from, the crackiest idea that lurks in the recesses of your daydreams that you've never mentioned before... this is the place to make that request.

Then the magic happens - over the course of December, other people write you comment fic anonymously as a reply to your stocking post. Once Christmas day has passed, the author can then choose to reveal themselves.

You can link to your stocking post from your own journal, there'll be a little template for that too.

Even if there's nothing you especially want to request, please feel free to write for others!

Friendly reminders to authors:

Please be guided by what the person requests in their stocking. Try to stick as closely as possible to their specified tastes, even if you can think of similar things that might work. The comment boxes are fairly limited in size, so it's okay if it spills over into a second.

That holiday spirit

We would ask that if you post a stocking, you are also willing to do some writing. Sure, time constraints impose on us all, but try to fulfill at least one in the spirit of giving.

Playing nicely with others

DO NOT FLAME. There will be no mockery of other people's requests, or the submitted fic. This is about sharing and niceness. Being an ignorant moron will get you kicked to the curb faster than Santa can deliver presents, okay?


Copy/paste this to your journal or an LJ entry and copy in the link to your stocking
(once it is approved and showing on the comm)

Want a quick-fix way to phrase the requests to fill your stocking? You are, of course, welcome to submit it in any format you so desire.

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