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Your punctuality-challenged mod

Okay, apologies for the lateness of this, but in my head this somehow had already been checked off my to-do list.  Since it hasn't:


It's been a lot of fun, so I invite all the authors to go claim their ficlets if they so wish, and for the recipients to express a little gratitude to brighten up this dull January day.  Meanwhile, please feel free to read through the stockings and enjoy the gifts even if you didn't get a chance to join in.


Updated Masterlist of Stockings.

Here's the updated list of stockings - everyone seems to have at least one ficlet so far, but please feel free to keep them coming.

I've decided to extend the deadling to January 10th 2010 at 7pm EST. So please feel free to get writing (or to put your request up if you haven't already!)

damelola 's stocking is HERE
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captainpookey 's stocking is HERE
pomegranate_md 's stocking is HERE
cordys_charisma 's stocking is HERE


LJ name: cordys_charisma
Favorite characters: House, Wilson, Chase
Requested pairing or gen: House/Wilson
Ratings you'd accept: NC-17 and R
Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled: in season 3 ep 7 Ugly where House and Wilson break into that room to watch the documentary film footage of Dr. Terzi saying stupid sutff.
Any absolute no-no's?: house and wilson with anyone else but each other:)
Favorite episodes: three stories,house's head, wilson's heart, mirror mirror, Alone,97 Seconds

Stocking for pomegranate_md

LJ usernamepomegranate_md 

Favorite Characters
: Wilson, House, Chase, Taub, Kutner, Lucas, Alvie

preference: G to hard R Requested Pairings: House/Wilson, Chase/Cameron, Cuddy/Lucas; Taub&Kutner friendship, Taub gen

Favorite Episodes:
Wilson, Birthmarks, All In, House Training, Broken, House's Head/Wilson's Heart, Alone...there are a lot. 

Specific Ideas/Prompts:  **House/Wilson: Alvie gets out of Mayfield and comes to visit House and Wilson in their new apartment, makes assumptions about the nature of their living arrangement, and flusters everyone.  **Chase/Cameron: Chase and Cameron run into each other at a medical conference a few years after the Dibala Debacle and have a one-night stand. **Cuddy/Lucas: a missing scene from early S5 **Taub&Kutner friendship: any sort of silly stunt like in Let Them Eat Cake **Taub: crack!fic about anything.

Absolute no-nos: dark!fic, OOC unless it's a crack!fic, rape, violence, non-con, Huddy, severe AU...

captainpookey's Stocking

Name: captainpookey

Requested Pairings/Characters: House/Cuddy, Wilson/Amber, House&Wilson friendship, Wilson&Cuddy friendship, House&Wilson&Cuddy friendship, any of those three on their own, House&the team (new, old, or any combination thereof)

Requested Rating: PG to light R

Prompts/Things I Like:
-House and Cuddy or House and Wilson playing tricks on each other
-House making a very slight House-esque "romantic" gesture (or as romantic as he gets)
-the little moments
-banter, cross-talk, snarkiness
-nobody can find House
-humor, romance, adventure, etc
-celebrating the holidays

Things I Don't Like: angst, excessive cursing/vulgarity, fics just about sex, Cuddy/Lucas as the main focus, character bashing

Happy Holidays, all! ♥

Eowyn127 Stocking

LJ name: eowyn127
Favorite characters: House, Cuddy, Wilson [13, Chase, Taub, Cameron, Amber]
Requested pairings or gen I need a lot of House/Cuddy. I like House/Wilson and Wilson/House/Cuddy friendship, WilsonPOV, TaubPOV, ThirteenPOV, Chase/Cameron too.
Ratings you'd accept Any
Favorite episodes (to give an idea of what you like most about the show) House's Head/Wilson's Heart, The Itch, All in, One day one room
Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled Cuddy way back to house after lucas, I have this quote in mind "I can be happy 'cause of you" "Maybe we can be unhappy togheter". I like Lidya so if you want you can use her (but huddy in the end please...it's xmas xD). And I like to read something involved all the team (if it'll be possible). A Wilson-fight-for-huddy is a lovely idea too... ok I'm in your hands. i like angst and humor. Huddy sex? I love it ;)
Any absolute no-no's? Cuddy/Lucas happy ending, Wilson/Cuddy or Wilson/House Cameron/House love or sex kind of things, House/Cuddy with a happy life, full of kids and OOC huddy [My idea is they're damage ...they'll always be.], Violance, Rape....



LJ name: 25lively

Favorite characters:
Cuddy, House, Wilson, Taub, Amber, etc.

Requested pairings or gen:
House/Cuddy, Cuddy/Lucas, House/Cuddy/Wilson or just Cuddy gen.

Ratings you'd accept:
Anything is fine.

Favorite episodes (to give an idea of what you like most about the show):
Joy, The Itch, Under My Skin, Both Sides Now, House's Head/Wilson's Heart, Three Stories, Lines in the Sand, No Reason, etc.

Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled:
1. Cuddy/Lucas--how they got together.
2. Cuddy/Lucas--move-in day.
3. House/Cuddy--they knew the big things about each other, but forgot about the small.
4. House/Cuddy--laughter.
5. House/Cuddy/Wilson--drunk.
6. Cuddy gen--the significant relationships she has had in her lifetime.

Any absolute no-no's?:
No character bashing and no dark!fic.

Stocking: hannahrorlove

LJ name:hannahrorlove

Favorite characters: House, Wilson, Kutner

Requested pairings or gen: Any
Ratings you'd accept: Any and all

Favorite episodes (to give an idea of what you like most about the show): Damned If You Do, Babies & Bathwater, Hunting, Safe, Frozen, Living The Dream, Wilson

Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled: Wilson practicing Judaism, House and Wilson genuinely enjoying each other's company, what employees at PPTH do in their free time, everyone gets superpowers.

Any absolute no-no's?: Extreme angst

queenzulu's stocking

LJ name: zulu

Favorite characters: House, Foreman, Amber, Stacy, Thirteen, Cuddy

Requested pairings or gen House/Foreman, Foreman/Amber, Foreman/Thirteen, House/Stacy, a threesome of House, Foreman, and one of the following: Amber, Stacy, Thirteen, Cuddy, Wilson. Girlslash with any of the above. Foreman gen.

Ratings you'd accept Any and all.

Favorite episodes (to give an idea of what you like most about the show) Three Stories.

Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled Themes I enjoy: House as sub (either top or bottom), House as bottom, light bondage, light BDSM, telepathic sex, unreliable narrators, sweet domestic moments that aren't saccharine but rather sweet for them, threesomes with a pair who bring a in a third, threesomes that evolve as a threesome, pegging, unexpected emotional vulnerability, realistic (not over the top) character death, first time fics.

Prompts: who's the boss?, first holiday, meet the parents, dealing with fatal illness, playing games/sports together, pretend-married, orgasm denial, kissing on a bet/dare/mistletoe, Wilson finds out, someone earns grudging respect, Taub gets off zingers at their expense, Thailand, afterlife.

Any absolute no-no's? These are more like guidelines: Chase, first person, "dark" anybody, dubcon, non-consensual violence.

These are absolutes: rape, sexual assault, character bashing.

Write me fic?

LJ name: LupusMonster
Favorite characters: House, Wilson, Lucas, Taub
Requested pairing or gen: House/Wilson and you can sneak in some House/Lucas or Wilson/Lucas
Ratings you'd accept: NC-17 and R
Specific ideas/prompts you'd like to see filled: Dark!Wilson, Angst, and LOTS and LOTS of sex!!
Any absolute no-no's?: Cuddy. [I usually like Luddy, but Hucas and Wucas lots moar]